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Surprise! Grand Rapids' Best Flag Store is Inside
Grand Rapids Awnings

Want an American flag for your home? How about a U.S. flag or Michigan flag for your government or city offices? Perhaps you want to showcase Old Glory large and proud above your business with an eye-catching banner flag? Well, our flag store in Grand Rapids has all kinds of flags for sale in a host of materials and an amazing range of sizes: from small, hand-held promotional flags to whopping 80-foot banner flags!

Nautical flags, religious flags, historical flags…more flags than you can even imagine and all the flagpoles and hardware needed…can be purchased at your new Grand Rapids flag store.


American Flags & More of Poly-Max™ with Everlast™ 300+

Strong, durable and fade-resistant, your American flag, Michigan flag (or many other flags) can be made from 2-ply, 100% Poly-Max material with Everlast™. These superior flags are made to hold their beauty and are perfect for Michigan weather because they last about 30% longer than nylon. Plus, they are water, wind and sun resistant. They are available in dozens of different sizes ranging including your standard 3' x 5' flag and a stunning 50' x 80' banner flag!

U.S. Flags & More of Endura-Nylon™ with SolarMax®

You may prefer a flag with superior flapability. So check out our American flags, Michigan state flags and other flags made from 100% Endura-Nylon fabric. They are made from all-weather fabric, are easy to care for, are resistant to UV sunrays and wind. Best of all, the nylon fabric lets them flap even in the slightest breezes. These flags come in all kinds of sizes ranging from 12" x 18" to mega banner flag size.

G-Spec U.S. Flags Made of Traditional Cotton Bunting

Our Endura-Tex™ American flags are carefully made to government specifications using 2x2-ply, strong and durable cotton bunting. The extra rugged weave of these flags actually exceed government specs and the superior dyes make their brilliant colors resistant to sun and rain.

Flag Sets of All Kinds

U.S. flag sets, outdoor flag sets, indoor flag sets, religious flag sets and more are available. Each set comes with a flag, a flagpole, staff or stand (as appropriate), necessary hardware and any ornamentation that may be included with set.

Flags Made in the USA!