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Retractable Awnings Grand Rapids At Grand Rapids Awnings, we custom make all kinds and all styles of awnings, outdoor curtains, solar screens, industrial curtains, industrial awnings, commercial awnings, canopies, covers, shelters, tarps and sunshades for ALL types of homes, businesses and industries. For example:

Are you a Grand Rapids Homeowner looking for an affordable, easy way to…

  • Add beauty and distinction to your home?
  • Create outdoor living areas for three-season enjoyment?
  • Save $$$ on your utility bills and conserve energy?
  • Shelter your family, friends and guests from sun and inclement weather?
  • Protect your carpet, furniture and belongings from damaging sunrays and the elements?
  • Add value and worth to your home so that it attracts buyers at time of resale?

Are you a Grand Rapids Business Person seeking a cost-effective solution to:
  • Create eye-catching signage for your company that will help you get seen day or night?
  • Add curb-appeal to your office or store? Effective curb appeal converts passing drivers into paying customers!
  • Cut your utility bills and save on overhead?
  • Protect your merchandise and property from damaging sunrays and the elements?
  • Transform or add to workspace without the cost of hard construction?
  • Communicate the “personality” of your brand so that you’re not just seen but also remembered by your customers and the public in general?
  • Shelter your employees, customers and others during all seasons… from hot and sunny to cold and windy?
Then Contact Us. We can help you do all of the above and more! We have Grand Rapids’ LARGEST selection of styles from which to choose and the city’s ONLY awning showroom at 3150 Plainfield NE in Grand Rapids.
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