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Dura-Bilt® Awnings
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Dura-Bilt® is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum awnings, metal awnings, metal patio covers and insulated roofs. Founded in 1958, Dura-Bilt is a name that’s come to be synonymous with strength, durability and reliability, all qualities that Michigan homeowners and business owners appreciate especially in the winter.

That’s why Grand Rapids Awnings proudly offers Dura-Bilt’s products. Dura-Bilt metal awnings, aluminum awnings, covers and insulated roofs are not only attractive, they’re far more affordable than hard construction. They work well covering everything from a deck, porch or patio to a carport, storage facility, a kennel, an entry or more.

Dura-Bilt features two excellent insulated roof styles: their Dura-Therm and their Dura-Lock roofs. Both feature thick, laminated panels to provide strength and insulation. The panels are also laminated and sealed with seamless, pre-painted aluminum resulting in a roof that’s as durable as it is stylish.

All of Dura-Bilt’s products feature coatings, finishes and seals designed to hold up in varying weather conditions. Their awnings, patio covers and insulated roofs also have excellent snow load capacity. In addition, Dura-Bilt offers excellent warranties on their products.

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