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New Grand Rapids Awnings Company Opens!

Features Grand Rapids’ Only Awning Showroom

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Grand Rapids Awnings, a sister company of Muskegon Awning &
Fabrication, has opened at 2333 Henry Street, Suite 2 in Muskegon, Suite I in Grand Rapids with the city’s
only awning showroom featuring displays of custom-made awnings, canopies, curtains
and covers for homes and businesses.

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The Right Design and Functionality Elements
Enhance a Home’s Backyard Appeal

Tying indoor and outdoor elements together,
homeowners can fully enjoy outdoor living spaces

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Outdoor living spaces are a growing home trend, and backyards are becoming a reflection of homeowners’ sense of style and personality. No longer relegated to a few folding chairs, homeowners are designing their backyards with the principle that an outdoor living room is just as important as an indoor living room.

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The Benefits of Awnings for Your Home or Business

Awnings might not spring to mind immediately when you think of ways to improve your living and working space. However, they are worth your consideration if you’re seeking a low-cost alternative to expensive construction work.

Available in a variety of colors, styles and textures, awnings make the old look new while also providing a number of other benefits. Beyond simple aesthetics, awnings offer the following practical advantages:


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