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Awning & Canvas Cleaning & RepairCanvas Cleaning, Awning Cleaning

Professional awning cleaning is highly recommended every few years to prolong the life of your custom awnings, canopies, covers, curtains and more. That’s why Grand Rapids Awnings offers you awning cleaning & repair services and canvas cleaning & repair.

To clean your awnings, canopies, covers and curtains, we use our professional cleaning products that gently but thoroughly remove the embedded dirt and grime without damaging the frame or fabric. If your items are stained, we treat them. We also reapply a repellent to ensure that they continue to resist water, mold, mildew, rust and sun.

If the fabric of your awning, canopy, cover or curtains is torn, we also offer our awning repair and canvas repair services. Our industrial sewing team can expertly repair rips, tears, fraying seams and more in your awning, canopy, cover and curtains. However, in some cases your item may be too damaged to reclaim. If it has a frame that’s still in good shape, however, we will provide you with an estimate to custom make a replacement. This awning or cover will be crafted to your existing frame and will be far more affordable than buying a brand new one.

For more information about our awning cleaning, awning repair, canvas cleaning and canvas repair in Grand Rapids, please Contact Us today.

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