Grand Rapids Awnings
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Canopies Are Cool! And We Offer Grand Rapids
Canopies of All Styles


People often use the word canopy when they are talking about an awning and vice versa. In fact, if you look up canopy in a thesaurus you’ll often find “awning” presented as a synonym. However, at Grand Rapids Awnings we define a canopy as being supported by poles or stanchions while an awning isn’t. 

We typically craft canopies that are attached to buildings but also make outdoor canopies that are freestanding, too. These canopies are usually canvas canopies, metal canopies or vinyl canopies.

For example, if your Grand Rapids' home or vacation home features a very large deck or patio, a fixed-frame, lace-on residential outdoor canopy may work well for you. It can be put up during the spring and easily removed and stored during the winter.

Residential Canopies Our Grand Rapids' commercial entrance canopies are well suited to cover walkways and entries or areas where people and property need protection from sun and weather. Our commercial canopies also work well at country clubs, golf courses, playgrounds, day care centers, schools, service stations and more.

So whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, if you’re looking for a distinctive, affordable canopy in Grand Rapids, we have exactly what you need. To see examples of some of the outdoor canopies we’ve custom made, check out our Photo Gallery. Also see our Commercial Entrance Awnings & Canopies and our Deck Awnings.