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Entrance Awnings and Canopies

The entrance of your building is your statement to the world. This is how you greet your customers, your employees, and the passing public. It’s how you get seen, get remembered…and get business!

At Grand Rapids Awnings we specialize in crafting commercial entrance awnings, canopies, door awnings, metal awnings and metal commercial canopies for businesses and organizations that create dramatic, memorable and distinctive visual first impressions...all while sheltering customers and employees, merchandise and materials.

Our commercial entrance awnings, door awnings, and commercial canopies are guaranteed to last and whether you need them for a building entrance, storefront, school, shopping center, government center, hospital, industrial plant–you name it–we can design them to meet your needs and to complement your exteriors and architecture.

Our commercial awnings and canopies are custom made to your specifications from a host of materials. They can be:

  • Canvas awnings
  • Vinyl or fabric awnings
  • Metal awnings
  • Aluminum awnings
…And can be fabricated to withstand rain, wind and snow loads. They come with excellent warranties—up to 15-year warranties on material and 5-year warranties on workmanship—and we guarantee them to your satisfaction.

Your commercial entrance awning, commercial door awning or commercial canopy will also help to save you money by:

  • Lowering your energy consumption, utility costs and overhead
  • Helping to ensure the safety of people and property by reducing risks of accidents and other hazards
To see examples of the commercial entrance awnings, door awnings, metal awnings and canopies we can craft for you, check out our Photo Gallery. Also please see our Commercial Storefront Awnings & Window Awnings.

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