Deck Awnings, Porch Awnings and Patio Awnings Offer
3-Season Enjoyment


Patio Awnings Grand Rapids

Rather than take costly and brief vacations, many people in Grand Rapids are choosing to spend their money creating wonderful at-home, stay-cation areas using our Grand Rapids deck awnings, patio awnings and porch awnings. An investment in one of these awnings can pay big rewards…for homeowners and business owners alike.

3-Season Enjoyment: A deck, porch or patio can be transformed into a cozy, sheltered sanctuary that you can enjoy daily, three seasons of the year.

Cheaper than Construction: An awning can cover your deck, porch or patio far more affordably than hard construction but can still create the look and feel of an outdoor “room.”

Fast, Easy Flexibility: If you purchase a retractable awning for a deck, porch or patio, you have the flexibility of extending or retracting the awning as much or as little as you choose. If it’s a motorized retractable awning, you can adjust it with just the touch of a button.

Protection: A deck awning, porch awning or patio awning helps to protect you and others from harmful UV sunrays that can cause skin cancer, a disease afflicting more and more people every year.

Slash AC Bills: A deck, porch or patio awning can cool your home or business in summer, allowing you to cut back on the use of air conditioning. You SAVE money on your AC bills. It can also provide shelter and safety in rainy and colder weather.

Made from Canvas, Fabric, Metal & More

Our Grand Rapids deck awnings, patio awnings and porch awnings are made from a host of materials including canvas, vinyl or fabric which are resistant to water, mildew, rust and sun. Almost any color or pattern can be found to complement the exterior and architecture of your home or business. In addition, our awnings can be installed over any kind of building surface and siding, on roofs or under overhangs.

Canopies and metal awnings can also be used to cover decks, patios and porches and we make these, too. Be sure to look through our Photo Gallery and to find out more, simply…