Grand Rapids Awnings
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Residential, Nautical and Commercial Flagpoles
and Flag Accessories in Grand Rapids


At Grand Rapids Awnings' new flag store, we have all of the flagpoles, hardware, and accessories you need to proudly display your flag at your home, your business or on your boat.

We have flag poles that mount on walls, on the sides of buildings, that go in the ground or attach to vessels. Our commercial flagpoles are built to withstand wind, rain, sun and snow. Our aluminum flagpoles come in standard finishes of silver, black and several bronze selections. We also have fiberglass flagpoles, rotating flagpoles, collapsible flagpoles, telescoping flagpoles, outrigger flagpoles, tilting flagpoles, nautical flagpoles…well, you get the idea.

In addition to flagpoles, you'll also find all of the necessary hardware and accessories you'll need to properly secure and display your flag:

  • Staffs and guidons for your hand-held, indoor and parade flags
  • Yardarms and gaffs for your nautical flags
  • Stands, brackets, holders and mounts
  • Cleats, halyards, snaps, fasteners and winches
  • Lovely ornaments, military and religious symbols and other decorative accessories
  • Storage and display boxes
  • Markers, mementos and additional flag items

Installation services available.
Call for details: 616-361-4456

Flags Made in the USA!