We Custom Make & Repair ALL Types of Industrial Curtains, Warehouse Curtains & More


Industrial Curtains and PVC Curtains

It’s almost impossible to list all of the different industrial curtains we can custom make for your business, organization, manufacturing company, even your home. It’s even more difficult listing all the benefits these custom-made curtains provide.

For example, our industrial curtains and warehouse curtains can be used to maximize your workspace or living space. Need to divide a room into two? Need to create rooms where none exist now? Want to have the flexibility of enclosing or opening up an area as needed? Our industrial curtains are your solution.

Want to protect customers, employees, visitors, guests, pets and animals from weather, dust, flying debris or more? Want to protect merchandise and property? Want to add warmth, shade or privacy? Want to isolate a specific area in order to minimize heat loss or energy usage? Again, our industrial curtains, warehouse curtains, track curtains and strip doors can provide all of that and more.

We custom make and repair all types of industrial curtains for all kinds of businesses and industries in Grand Rapids. For example:

  • • Industrial Curtain Walls
    • Rolling Curtains
    • Antistat Curtains
    • Outdoor Industrial Curtains for Enclosures
    • Industrial Strip Doors
    • Accordion Strip Doors
    • Commercial Strip Doors
    • Plastic and PVC Curtains
    • Track and Roller Curtains
    • Welding Curtains
    • Carwash Curtains
  • • Body Shop Bay Curtains
    • Industrial Wash-Down Curtains
    • Warehouse Divider Curtains
  • • Warehouse Wall Curtains
    • Welding Curtains
    • Clean Room Curtains
    • Truck Strip Doors
    • Industrial Replacement Curtain Strips
    • Barn Curtains
    • Many more!

Our industrial curtains and warehouse curtains can also be used for residential applications. They can be used either inside or outside; can be on rollers or fixed; attached or freestanding; opaque or transparent and can be motorized or manually operated.

Whether you own a grocery in Grand Rapids, a car wash, a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, a chemical plant, a small workshop, a fast food shop, a service station or any type of business or organization, we can work with you to make the industrial curtains you need.

To see examples of some of the curtains we can craft for you, check out our Photo Gallery. For additional options, check out our Outdoor Curtains, too.

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