Here’s How to Measure for a Retractable Awning

To get the right size Retractable Awning for your home, simply download and follow the easy Awning Measuring Instructions at right.

  • • For a standard sized awning, you will need at least 7 ft. 6 in. from your patio or deck floor to the bottom of your roof, eave, or overhang. If you don't have this clearance, we can create a customized awning solution for you. For example, we have Roof-Mounted Awnings, as the Awning Measuring Instructions at right will show.

  • • To determine the width of your awing, measure along the side of your house to decide. Typically, standard awnings come in pre-cut widths. However, we can and have created custom awnings to fit areas up to 40 feet in width.

  • • Make sure you have at least 9 inches of clear, unobstructed space along the wall where you want to mount your awning against your house. See “B” on the illustration featured in the Awning Measuring Instructions at right.

Here’s How to Measure for a Window Awning

Measuring for your window awning is fairly simply because you simply need width and height of each window. Your do need to know how much of your window to measure or where to take your measurements. The downloadable instructions should illustrate how to measure windows with brick mold trim or those with colonial trim.

Confused or Don't Have The Time?

Email us pictures of where you’d like to have awning and tell us the type of awning you’re considering:

Then give us a call at 616-361-4456 and we can either discuss your needs and “how to measure” over the phone, or we can schedule an appointment for us to come out.