Sunshades, Sunscreens, Solar Shades & Solar Screens
for Your Home or Business


At Grand Rapids Awnings, we custom craft sunshades and solar screens for your home or business. For example:

  • Would you like to shade the interior of your home or business and protect carpets, furniture and belongings from fading?
  • Do you want to cool your home or business on hot sunny days without running up your AC bills?
  • Want more privacy because your deck, porch, patio is too exposed to passersby?
  • Is your deck, porch or sunroom too exposed to solar glare or inclement weather, severely limiting hours of enjoyment and usage?
Sunshades Grand Rapids Our solar shades and sunscreens are your solution!
They come in a variety of designs and styles. You can choose from:

  • Motorized sunshades and solar screens that operate remotely. Just a touch of a button raises and lowers them.
  • Easy-to-use pull-up or roll-up sunshades.
  • Simple hand-crank solar shades.
  • Solar screen weather panels that can attach to your retractable awning.
In addition, you can choose from blackout sunshades and sunscreens or light-filtering ones that allow you to see out during the day but prevent others from seeing in. Perfect for privacy!

Our light-filtering solar shades and solar screens will also keep out harmful UV sunrays while letting light in. You get the same protection as you would from curtains but don’t lose your view of the outside.

With sunshades and sunscreens you also control the heat and light in your home and your energy usage. That means you SAVE on your heating and cooling expenses!

Your lovely sunscreens and sunshades are made from the finest most durable outdoor fabrics and are resistant to sun, rust, dirt and the elements. All come in a wide variety of colors and all are professionally measured and made to your specifications. To see examples, please check out our Photo Gallery. Also, please see our Outdoor Curtains and Industrial Curtains for other options.