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On the Road or on the Ground, We've Got You Covered with Truck Tarps, Industrial Tarps & More
Truck Tarps and Industrial Tarps Grand Rapids

We design and fit all of our custom truck tarps, tarp covers and industrial tarps to your exact specifications. And we use the highest quality, most reliable, heavy-duty tarp fabrics, bindings, straps, tie-downs, D-rings and fasteners from leading manufacturers to get the job done right…your satisfaction guaranteed.

Our industrial sewers are some of the best in the region. They’re experienced, fast, reliable and accurate in both their measurement and production. Our industrial sewing team has designed and made all types of tarp covers and industrial tarps including canvas tarps, poly tarps, vinyl tarps, waterproof tarps, mesh tarps, plastic tarps for all kinds of purposes. For example, we’ve made:

  • • Roll tarps
    • Flat tarps
    • Fitted tarps
    • Asphalt tarps
  • • Lumber tarps
    • Landscaping tarps
    • Camping tarps
    • Farm tarps
  • • Hay tarps
    • Manufacturing tarps
    • Workshop tarps
    • Many more!

We also make custom truck tarps and vehicle covers and we are particularly geared to serve companies with a few trucks or a small trucking fleet. Our heavy-duty truck tarps are made to withstand harsh conditions and long-distance hauling. They include:

  • • Dump truck tarps
    • Flatbed tarps
    • Trailer tarps
    • Load covers
  • • Lumber tarps
    • Auto covers
    • Motorcycle covers
    • RV covers
  • • Cab covers & enclosures
    • You name it!

We also specialize in tarp repair!
Have a truck tarp, tarp cover or industrial tarp with fasteners that needs fixed? Have tears that need patched? Have a tarp that needs replaced? We can handle it. We fix’em fast and affordably. For more information about our heavy-duty truck tarps and tarp covers in Grand Rapids, please Contact Us today.

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