Grand Rapids Needs Covered Walkways, Outdoor Enclosures & Windbreaks


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In Grand Rapids, where our winters can be lengthy, covered walkways, outdoor enclosures and outdoor shelters and windbreaks are almost essential for a business or organization. Hospitals, medical offices, daycare centers, senior centers, schools, government buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, hair salons, hardware stores, garden centers, retailers–you name it–need to protect customers, employees, patients, students and residents all seasons of the year and in all types of weather.

Whether you want to provide shade from the sun...block wind, rain and snow...fully or partially enclose an outdoor area...we can custom make whatever you need for whatever purpose.

Your outdoor enclosure, outdoor shelter, covered walkway or windbreak can be:

  • Made from canvas, metal, aluminum, vinyl or more
  • Portable, storable or permanent
  • Fully opaque or see-through so that your customers and employees will still have a view
  • Resistant to water, rust, dirt, mold, mildew and sun
  • Made in a host of colors to complement any building or facility

Here is just a selection of the enclosures, walkways and outdoor shelters we can custom make for you:

  • • Smoking enclosure
    • Restaurant enclosure
    • Patio enclosure
    • Windbreak
    • Bus Stop shelter
    • Stairwell shelter
    • Equipment enclosure
  • • Equipment shelter
    • Pump shelter
    • Bike shelter
    • Vehicle shelter
    • Storage shelter
    • Storage shed
    • Entrance canopy
  • • Overhead canopy
  • • Fuel Island canopy
  • • Metal canopy
    • Enclosed entry
    • Service station canopy
    • Many, many more!

We can also custom make enclosures for homeowners, too. To see examples of the walkways, enclosures and outdoor shelters we can craft for you, check out our Photo Gallery. For additional options, please see our Commercial Entrance Awnings & Canopies.

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